Under the Limit DUI BAC .08 -- Still Under Arrest

As a smart and responsible driver, you undoubtedly desire to avoid a DUI charge in Maryland at all costs. This means that you are well-aware of the .08 BAC "breath alcohol limit" that is heavily advertised in commercials and on signs all over Maryland State, and you work diligently to keep yourself below this level when you know you have to drive. Although drinking only one or two drinks before driving might seem like a safe and intelligent thing to do if you want to avoid getting a DUI and hiring a lawyer, there are a few things that you should know about this "limit."

The naked and scary truth is that you don't have to have a .08 blood-alcohol level in order to find yourself on the wrong end of a DUI arrest in Maryland. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that you can be arrested for drunk driving and find yourself in need of a DUI lawyer in all counties in Maryland including Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County and Anne Arundel County, no name but a few, with only a minimal amount of alcohol in your system.

First of all, if you are an underage driver who consumes even a trace of alcohol, you can be charged and convicted for both drunk driving and for underage consumption of alcohol. This means that a 20-year-old can get in more trouble for taking a sip of alcohol than a 21-year-old can for having two drinks, because the former is underage. In order to get the best possible result in court and thereby stay out of jail, you will need to hire an aggressive and intelligent Baltimore DUI lawyer to help you out with the situation.

Underage individuals aren't the only ones who can get charged and convicted of a drunk driving charge without reaching the so-called .08 BAC limit, however. All Maryland drivers of any age in those with CDLs or commercial driver's licenses must be very careful. As for CDL holders, the law states that they can be arrested for drunk driving and convicted for reaching the level of .04 BAC, which can potentially be achieved with just one drink. It doesn't seem appropriate that the law would be willing to cause you to lose your job and livelihood for consuming one beer with dinner. It would be far wiser for all drivers and CDL holders in particular, to simply set the legal limit at .00, at least you would know where you stood. In cases such as these where a driver has been snared in the trap set by Maryland’s law makers and executed upon by deputy DUI enforcer, a capable DUI attorney can be of infinite assistance.

If you are over the drinking age and are not a commercial driver, you may believe you can keep yourself out of DUI trouble by abiding by the .08 BAC law, but as indicated, this is not the case. Law enforcement officials can pull you over for anything that they want to pull you over for; for instance, you might have a burnt-out tail light or a burnt license plate light, or your vehicle could drift just a little to close to the white line (or even if it doesn’t whose to say it didn’t after all, you have been drinking right). If a police officer pulls you over and thinks that you might be intoxicated or impaired, you don't have to blow over a .08 in order to get charged with a DUI offense. It is up to the cop's discretion as to whether or not you are impaired and should be arrested, and you will then have to hire a lawyer to help you fight the charges. Law enforcement officials and the courts don't seem to really care if you only had one beer or if your vehicle only swerved because the wind was blowing hard, and they certainly don't care if you have to pay legal fees for a good Baltimore DUI lawyer.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to protect yourself in these types of situations. If you have been charged with a DUI, you need to contact and hire a good lawyer immediately in order to protect your license to drive. A Baltimore lawyer can help you fight aggressive DUI charges so that you can keep your record clean and avoid losing your driver's license and not go to jail.

Even if you were above the legal limit of .08, you should still seek competent DUI counsel right away because certain steps must be taken immediately to protect yourself. Moreover, many cases have defenses which can be utilized to force Maryland’s prosecutors to back down or drop charges. If you have been charged with a DUI in Maryland, please contact us immediately for a complimentary evaluation of your case anytime day or night. 410-484-1111.

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I have not stopped thanking God for you! Your no deal tactic was amazing, and will save my professional license. I am more then impressed and will refer everybody I know.
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Thank you for defending our son in court. We were so scarred what would happen in a DUI case with an underage defendant. Good trial- great verdict! Now he can go to school with a clean slate.
All my DUI charges dropped!
Being on probation for a prior DUI, I was a lot of trouble when I got my subsequent DUI. Mr. Robinson assured me everything would work out just fine. He walked into court and 10 minutes later he walked out with all DUI charges dropped. He really saved my bacon. Miracle worker!
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Ross Albers was a great attorney. I appreciated how he handled my case and the respect for the process he showed. He was fair and very knowledgable, and I feel like his contacts and previous relationship with the prosecutors' office was a great help to my case.
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