Reckless Driving

There are two similar charges in Maryland that are typically associated with any DUI charge, they are reckless driving and negligence driving.  These charges differ in the degree of disregard for personal injury and property. Negligent driving is almost always associated with DUI and if the person if really driving badly or there is an accident with another car or with property, then you typically see the negligence driving charge elevated to reckless driving.  

Reckless driving has more points associated with it and is a more serious charge.  It can also land you in jail depending on the circumstances that lead to the charge. A simple DUI in Maryland with a BAC someplace in the .10 area, up or down will typically result in only a negligent driving charge in addition to the DUI.  Also, competent counsel can typically get the negligence driving charge dropped when dealing with the DUI or sometimes get the DUI charged dropped and proceed only on the negligent driving charge.  This is always favorable when that happens.  

We recently had a very serious case in Baltimore County which was charged as a DUI, with negligent driving and reckless driving as well.  The driver got into a serious accident and caused the other car to flip over on the highway.  At trial we were actually able to get the DUI charges dropped for this client and the state only proceeded on the negligent driving charge for which the client was happy to take that charge. A negligent driving charge without an accident is only 1 point on your record which is typically not enough to cause your insurance a problem.  However, if there is an accident with property damage, as there was in this case, that damage claim by itself will be enough to result in an insurance increase.  

Anyway, getting back to reckless driving, that carries more points then a simple negligent driving charge and if there is an accident with injuries resulting from the reckless driving charge, the defendant can actually have jail time exposure.  Consequently, reckless driving is a serious charge, more so then negligent driving and if you are charged with reckless driving, either with a DUI or not, competent counsel needs to be consulted right away to decide how best to handle your case.
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