Maryland Law, Transportation 16-405

(a) Except as provided in §§ 16-205(e) and 16-205.1 of this title, if the suspension or revocation of a license would affect adversely the employment or opportunity for employment of a licensee, the hearing officer may:

(1) Decline to order the suspension or revocation; or

(2) Cancel or modify the suspension or revocation.

(b) For purposes of § 16-404 of this subtitle, if a licensee is required to drive a motor vehicle in the course of his regular employment:

(1) Suspension requires 16 points; and

(2) Revocation requires 19 points.

(c) The provisions of subsection (b) of this section do not apply to an individual whose current accumulation of points includes points resulting from a conviction for a violation of § 21-902 of this article.

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