BAC - Blood Alcohol Concentration

One's blood alcohol concentration is the magic number that law enforcement looks to in order to obtain a conviction against you in court. The blood alcohol concentration known as BAC has been mandated at this point by Federal law and statute across the states to be .08.   On a side note, the Federal government is able to get their way with the state by withholding money for state highways and other programs unless the state adopts what ever rule of law the Federal government wants imposed.  So years ago the various states had different BAC requirements in order to obtain a conviction for DUI; in fact in the old days the no limit used to be .15. Then as pressure started mounting from mothers against drunk drivers that number slowly decreased to .10  and then ultimately found its way to .08 where presently resides in all 50 states.

Interestingly the food beverage and restaurant lobbies always fight the decreasing BAC number but they lose to the powerful MADD and other interest groups  that are able to continually lobby for lower numbers. In fact the last push to lower the number was to bring it to .05. That push was not successful so the number is presently remaining at .08. I am sure that the number will not only make a 2.05 in the coming years but sooner or later somebody will figure out that the consumption of alcohol in combination with the operation of a motor vehicle is never a good idea and the number will be lowered to .00.  This may sound onerous and unfair to the public but at least drivers will know where they stand which is not the case at the present time.  For example most drivers are under the mistaken impression that if their BAC is less than a .08 that they will not be arrested for and alcohol violation, unfortunately while this is publicized by the government it is not a true statement. A BAC of .07 in every state implies driving while impaired or DWI. Additionally, the police and the courts can convict on impaired driving for a .06, a .05 or .04;  the government just never publicizes that fact to the public for some unknown reason. 

A person's blood alcohol concentration can be obtained through a few different channels. The police can obtain a breath test which is typically the fashion it is performed in Maryland or if that option is not available, the police can then request a blood draw at the local hospital. Some states do a urine test as well but this is generally not done in Maryland.  A blood test is the most accurate of the tests because it directly tests for alcohol in the blood;  conversely, a breath alcohol test while the most ubiquitous of all the tests takes a sample of breath which is blown into a stroll which is connected to a machine and the machine then extrapolates blood alcohol based upon an equation or formula which involves multiplying the minuscule amount of alcohol that it perceives in the breath by a generic factor number.  naturally this is not the most accurate of all tests because all different people are built differently including man to woman large person too small person. The government of course just overlooks this small  inconvenience and uses the BAC number that is spit out of the black box to convict people for impaired driving.
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